Salt Lake City and South Jordan Orthodontist to Care For Your Smile

Your first visit to our offices in Salt Lake City or South Jordan will be enjoyable and positive. We will allow you ample time to ask questions or tell us about any concerns you may have. We will go over your expectations – your visit should be comfortable and educational.

We specialize in everything related to mouth construction: from braces to bridges, we are committed to making our client’s mouths beautiful.

Whatever your desire or need, Dr. Hamid Omana and his team will take all the time necessary to ensure your visit at Omana Orthodontics is a pleasant one.

If you live in Salt Lake CitySouth JordanMurray or the surrounding areas, visit our Salt Lake City or South Jordan Orthodontic office for all of your orthodontic needs. We focus on making your visit comfortable. To this end we have built a new modern facility with state-of-the-art technology like TVs on the ceiling.

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Adult Orthodontics

Dr. H. M. Omana knows that adults also often need orthodontic treatment. Whether you are getting orthodontics for the first time, or need to come in and redo treatment, our orthodontist can help. Contact Omana Orthodontics at 801-359-4151 and find out how we can start you on adult orthodontic treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah.


You want your teeth and smile to look great, and aesthetics is one of the most common reasons people visit an Orthodontist. Of course, you may have additional smile-related goals. Your goals are our goals at Omana Orthodontics. We’ll help you reach all the important Orthodontic goals, including aesthetics, functional efficiency, and structural balance.

Early Orthodontics

Plan for your child’s future; contact our office at 801-359-4151 and ask about how to start interceptive early orthodontics in Salt Lake City or South Jordan, Utah. Because the teeth are still growing, our orthodontist can use this treatment to catch and address problems before they become difficult to treat. Have your child visit Dr. H. M. Omana today and see how Omana Orthodontics can help!