intro into orthodontics Omana Orthodontics dentist in Salt Lake City and South Jordan Utah Dr. H.M. Omana, DDS, MSWhy See an Orthodontist?

You want your teeth and smile to look great, and aesthetics is one of the most common reasons people visit an Orthodontist. Of course, you may have additional smile-related goals. Your goals are our goals at Omana Orthodontics. We’ll help you reach all the important Orthodontic goals, including aesthetics, functional efficiency, and structural balance. 

We are here to serve you with the latest, best-practice orthodontic approach, prioritizing your satisfaction and comfort. We’ll perform a thorough, expert evaluation and determine what kind of treatment you may need depending on your health goals


You Want a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Dr. H. M. Omana wants you to have the smile that you want. The friendly, professional staff at Omana Orthodontics are passionate about helping you look and feel great with that confident smile. We can help you build that smile by repositioning your teeth and addressing other issues with the jaw and mouth. 


You Want a Functional Bite

 Aesthetics are important, but even a healthy-looking smile can hide malocclusions or issues with that bite. Regular check-ups are important, even if you’re feeling great about how you look. Call us today to schedule an evaluation.  

Good jaw and tooth functionality mean a good bite. A good bite means your front teeth (incisors) work well for biting into food, while your back teeth (molars) work well for grinding the food once you start chewing it. 

When you’re chewing your food incorrectly, it can cause tooth misalignment. Chewing might be inefficient because you’re using your incisors to chew instead of bite. That can lead to bad digestive and overall health. 

An incorrect bite can:

  • Cause tooth issues
  • Cause jaw joint issues
  • Lead to tooth wear and damage
  • Lead to tooth loss

Dr. H. M. Omana can help you determine if you have issues with your bite, including issues that may not be obvious. He can “correct” your bite, affecting proper alignment or the repositioning of your teeth.


You Want Structural Balance

Your teeth, gums, and the surrounding jaw muscles need to be in harmony. Bad tooth and jaw functionality and alignment can affect your speech and the appearance of your entire face and mouth. 

Orthodontics addresses some common alignment and tooth positioning issues, including: 

  • Having too much space between teeth
  • Overbite, where the upper front teeth bite down too far
  • Underbite, where the lower front teeth extend beyond the upper front teeth
  • Crossbite, where the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, either to the left or to the right
  • Crowding, causing difficulty in cleaning and flossing teeth


Omana Othodontics Can Help

Using specialized techniques and technology such as braces and aligners, Dr. H. M. Omana can improve your smile, bite, and jaw structure. Call Omana Orthodontics today for a consultation in our Salt Lake City or South Jordan Utah locations. We’ll help you build more than just a great-looking smile.