teeth whitening Omana Orthodontics dentist in Salt Lake City and South Jordan Utah Dr. H.M. Omana, DDS, MSDo you want your teeth to be whiter and brighter? Are you embarrassed to smile? Omana Orthodontics can assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams. Teeth whitening (or bleaching) in Salt Lake City is a non-invasive dental treatment that lightens the color of natural tooth enamel and is an excellent approach to improving your smile’s appearance.

You may be satisfied with the size and alignment of your teeth, but tooth whitening under the supervision of a dentist will give you the dazzling smile you’ve always desired. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment, given the fact that it is a quick and reasonably inexpensive option to improve your teeth’s appearance. Whitening your teeth is a safe, effective, and long-lasting technique.


Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Maybe you’re ready to walk down the aisle with the love of your life. Perhaps you’ve been invited to an interview for the job you’ve always wanted. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to present yourself in the best possible light. If your teeth aren’t as white as they once were, teeth whitening can give your smile an extra boost.

Your teeth will darken with time; it’s an inevitable reality. Your smile can become discolored by various factors, including food, drinks, tobacco, poor dental care, injuries, and illness. A bright, white smile, on the other hand, provides a fantastic first impression, which is why we provide effective tooth whitening services.


At-Home Whitening

At-home teeth whitening is a more convenient way to whiten your tooth enamel. This approach makes use of custom-fitted trays made in the office by Dr. Omana using cutting-edge technology and maximum-strength bleaching gel.

You will fill the trays with gel in the comfort of your home and wear them over your teeth for the recommended amount of time, which is usually overnight while you sleep. The fluoride-containing bleaching gel removes stains while also reducing sensitivity and strengthening enamel. Your teeth will appear substantially whiter after roughly a week of daily use.


Over-the-Counter Whitening Options

Your first option is the most obvious and least expensive. You can start brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste. In toothpaste, mild abrasives such as hydrated silica, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate are used to polish your teeth and eliminate surface stains. Some may even contain low levels of active hydrogen peroxide to help whiten teeth. Although the results are minimal, they are a decent place to start.

A whitening strip is a thin plastic strip used to apply a bleaching agent to your teeth (typically hydrogen peroxide). Each treatment with your whitening strips should last 30 minutes to two hours, and you should be able to see improvements after three weeks of use. Because the active component is left on the teeth for an extended time, strips are a very effective over-the-counter teeth whitener.


Teeth Whitening in Salt Lake City, UT

A beautiful, sparkling smile can give you a whole new outlook on life. To discuss which teeth whitening treatment would work best for you, we would be happy to help you. Call us today at our Salt Lake City or South Jordan Utah locations and get started on your journey to a whiter, brighter smile.